Good Water Solubility, Non-Gmo Dietary Fiber, Polydextrose 90 - Standard
Good Water Solubility, Non-Gmo Dietary Fiber, Polydextrose 90 - Standard
Good Water Solubility, Non-Gmo Dietary Fiber, Polydextrose 90 - Standard

Top Manufacturer of Nahco3 in China: Wholesale Supplier & Exporter

Looking for a high-quality supply of NaHCO3? Look no further than Standard Imp and Exp Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory in China. Our NaHCO3, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is a versatile chemical compound with a wide range of applications.

Our NaHCO3 is produced at our state-of-the-art facility using the latest manufacturing techniques and stringent quality control measures. It is commonly used in the food industry as a leavening agent, in pharmaceuticals as an antacid, and in various industrial processes.

At Standard Imp and Exp Co., Ltd., we pride ourselves on delivering consistently pure and reliable NaHCO3 that meets the highest industry standards. Whether you are a food producer, pharmaceutical manufacturer, or industrial user, you can rely on our NaHCO3 to meet your specific needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our NaHCO3 products and how we can fulfill your supply requirements. We are committed to providing superior products and exceptional service to our customers.

carbonyl-j-acid C21H16N2O9S2

Get high-quality carbonyl-j-acid C21H16N2O9S2 at our factory. We are a leading manufacturer of this product. Contact us for all your chemical needs!

High quality anhydrous sodium sulfate white powder

PureSodium: High quality anhydrous sodium sulfate white powder. We are a factory dedicated to providing top-notch sodium sulfate products.

high/low type beaker

Shop our high-quality {low type beaker} at competitive prices. As a factory, we guarantee durable and reliable products for all your laboratory needs.

Qualitative filter paper; diameter 9cm

9cm Qualitative Filter Paper - Superior quality filter paper for precise laboratory filtration. Factory direct pricing for bulk orders. Order now!

Waste Water Treatment Polyacrylamide

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3% water-forming foam fire extinguishing agent

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Zinc sulfate white granules

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Solid Slake Sodium Hydrosulfide

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Octadearyl dimethyl ammonium chloride

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Efficient Decontamination Washing Powder

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Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES) for Detergent Shampoo 70%

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iron oxide red and yellow

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Quantitative filter paper for experiment

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NaKC4H4O6 4H2O Factory. We are a leading manufacturer of NaKC4H4O6 4H2O with high quality and competitive prices. Contact us for bulk orders.

Cyanuric acid white powder

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  • Nahco3 Manufacturer: Quality Sodium Bicarbonate Supply from China
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Introducing our new and innovative product, sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3)! Also known as baking soda, sodium bicarbonate is a versatile and essential ingredient for any kitchen and household. With its countless uses, it's a must-have for baking, cleaning, and even personal care. In the kitchen, sodium bicarbonate is a staple for baking and cooking. It acts as a leavening agent, helping doughs and batters rise to perfection. Its alkaline properties also make it an effective ingredient for tenderizing meat and reducing acidity in dishes. Sodium bicarbonate is not only limited to the kitchen – it's a powerful cleaning agent as well. It effectively removes stubborn stains and odors from various surfaces, making it an ideal addition to your cleaning arsenal. From countertops to laundry, this all-natural cleaner is sure to tackle tough messes with ease. In addition to its culinary and cleaning uses, sodium bicarbonate also serves as a natural deodorizer and gentle exfoliant for personal care. From toothpaste to bath soaks, it's a versatile and eco-friendly alternative to conventional products. Whether you're a seasoned chef, a cleaning aficionado, or simply looking for natural alternatives, sodium bicarbonate is a must-have for every household. Try our high-quality sodium bicarbonate and experience the countless benefits it has to offer!

I recently purchased Nahco3, also known as Sodium Bicarbonate, for cleaning purposes and I am extremely satisfied with its performance. It is a versatile product that can be used for various cleaning tasks around the house. Not only does it effectively remove tough stains and grime, it also helps to neutralize odors and leave surfaces sparkling clean. The easy-to-use packaging and affordable price make it a must-have in my cleaning supplies. I highly recommend Nahco3 to anyone looking for a powerful and eco-friendly cleaning solution.

I recently purchased Nahco3 (sodium bicarbonate) and I am highly satisfied with its performance. This product has proven to be extremely versatile and effective for a variety of household cleaning and cooking purposes. Whether I'm using it to deodorize my refrigerator, clean tough stains from pots and pans, or to enhance the fluffiness of my baked goods, Nahco3 has consistently delivered outstanding results. I appreciate the high quality and purity of this product, and I will definitely continue to use it in my home. I highly recommend Nahco3 to anyone looking for a reliable and multifunctional household essential.

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